Top 5 Gifts to Help Your Valentine Sleep Better

By Tanya Slavin

Giving your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day gift for better sleep may seem non-traditional (and it is!), but there’s logic behind going this route. A third of US adults don’t get enough sleep, according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and that can spell potential danger for your relationship. One study reveals that couples who don’t get enough sleep tend to interact with more hostility than couples who sleep more. Instead of wading through the abundance of sleep products on the market, we’re sharing five gift ideas that top our wish list.

Crane & Canopy Dual Comforter



#5 – Crane & Canopy Dual Comforter


Nothing says, “Let’s cuddle and not fight,” better than a soft snuggly fluffy comforter designed for couples who prefer different sleeping temperatures. Crane & Canopy Dual Comforter has two different warmth and weight levels on each side, so you can pick your side of the blanket (instead of your side of the argument). It’s also made with super-soft 400 thread count cotton, filled with premium down alternative feathers, and it’s hypoallergenic.


Instead of you having to be the human alarm clock who lovingly wakes up your mate (Every. Single. Morning.), this device uses LED lights, scents, and sounds to do the job for you—and more. With the touch of a button, your S.O. can fall asleep to the soothing scent of lavender and melatonin-inducing LED lighting, and wake up to energizing citrus and sounds of ocean.


Giving your mate a gift, like Smart Nora, to help him stop snoring is also a gift to yourself (everyone wins). How it works: Place the device, which contains a microphone, onto your nightstand and an inflatable insert into your pillowcase. When the device detects snoring, it automatically inflates the pillow insert to move the sleeper’s head and neck into a different position, so he can stop snoring. Fingers crossed for quieter nights.



#2 – Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker


Want to really help your fitness buff reach her health goals? Get her a sleep tracker she doesn’t have to remember to wear on her wrist. Emfit QS uses a special sensor that goes under your mattress and monitors things like heart rate, total sleep time, hours spent tossing and turning, and the amount of time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep. In the morning, she can access all her data through a mobile app, see a sleep score, and read tips on how to improve.


This is another benefits-both-of-you gift, and it’s probably the most important. Because if you’re sleeping on a lumpy, uncomfortable mattress neither one of you will be in a Valentine’s Day mood. Nectar’s memory foam mattress is designed to have a soft yet supportive feel, and it features a cooling gel layer that’ll help keep you from waking up feeling hot and bothered. Best of all: Nectar gives you a 365 day trial period to test the mattress before you commit. And you can return it for free, if you don’t like it. If only relationships were that easy!

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