Learn 4 Meditation Exercises To Relax Quickly

Getting healthy sleep—the kind where you wake up feeling totally rested with a smile on your face—requires a little planning the night before. Movement and wellness expert, Pilin Anice, recommends these four in-bed mediation moves (a.k.a. “beditation”) to relax your mind and release tension all over. Do these poses before bed to wake up smiling.


Beditation Sukasana


Also known as “Easy Pose,” in Sukasana you sit with your legs crossed and your spine straight and tall. From this seated position you can meditate or try this breathing exercise to help melt stress away: Press one nostril closed for five breaths, and then alternate by pressing the other nostril closed. Close your eyes and repeat until you feel relaxed. “Sukasana helps you feel grounded and centered, while also lengthening and strengthening the back,” Anice says.


Beditation Badakanasana


Sit with a long spine and the soles of the feet together. Release your knees to the sides, stretching the inner thighs and groin. “Giving the feet a gentle rub or squeeze is a nice way to deepen self-care and encourage stress release within the pose,” says Anice. “For an extra dose of relaxation, fold your torso forward over pillows.”


Beditation Janu Sirsasana


Begin by sitting up comfortably on the bed with legs extended. Bend one knee, and place the sole of the foot on the inside thigh of the extended leg. Release your chest to fold forward over the extended leg. To assist with the stretch, place pillows under your torso to prop up your belly and chest. “This pose promotes a sense of calm and is known to relieve mild backache,” Anice says.


Beditation Setu Bandhasana


Lie on your back with the backs of your legs pressed flush on the headboard or wall (for a gentler modification, bend your knees with just the bottoms of your feet on the wall or headboard). Lift your hips and place a pillow or two underneath your low back to rest comfortably. “This gentle backbend is amazing for digestion and promotes relaxation,” says Anice. Place your hands on your belly, and take several deep breaths until you drift into dreamland.

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