At What Point During Sleep Does REM Occur?

When is REM Sleep

REM sleep is a huge benefit to our brains and body, it’s the time during rest that we get to mend ourselves and creating lasting benefits that will manifest during our waking hours.

So when is REM sleep happening?

Like so many other health components, each REM cycle is unique to the person’s sleeping habits. There are some general rules for REM that we can look to.

First, REM sleep stands for Rapid Eye Movement, as this is the physical trait tracked by scientists to show when the body has descended into that good, deep sleep. During sleep, the brain cycles through five distinct phases. The first four have various levels of consciousness, which cycle down until we reach (REM) sleep.

For a typical sleeper, REM sleep makes up 25% of your sleep cycle. It first occurs about 70 to 90 minutes after you fall asleep, and will happen about three separate times during your sleep schedule. During REM sleep is when your body mends and dreaming occurs.

There are things that can keep you from REM sleep as well.

If you wake up already tired and thinking, “When is REM sleep going to find me?” You could have an issue as serious as sleep apnea, or as simple as an uncomfortable mattress.

It’s important to look into each of these issues so that you can understand your problem and treat it. You shouldn’t have to ask yourself when is REM sleep, you should wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, knowing that it has occured.

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